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Do you or a loved one have autism? Do you think that you or your loved one might fall somewhere on the autism spectrum?

Unfortunately, autism is still misunderstood. People might think that only people with well-recognized symptoms such as uncommon speech patterns, repetitive behavior, or flapping hands are autistic. However, the autism spectrum indicates that many people have autism and are not aware of their condition.

On The Spectrum is a new show by recognized motivational speaker Terri Matthews, directed by Brian Atkins and produced by LaQuanda McCoullum. This show provides autism support for parents, other family members, employers of autistic employees, and people with autism themselves.




Although more people are diagnosed with autism each year, this condition is still widely misunderstood, unrecognized, and ignored. On The Spectrum not only aims to help those that autism has affected, but to also raise and spread awareness of autism itself.

We hope to help people understand that autism is something that many people have and to help people be sensitive to and accepting of those who have autism. As society understands more about autism, we hope this new awareness helps bring everyone together for a better, happier tomorrow.

Things we

Talk about

Terri Matthews provides advice, training, and motivational talks on topics such as the following:

  • Raising an autistic child

  • Thriving in society as an autistic adult

  • Helping an autistic person learn essential skills

  • Teaching others about autism

  • Training autistic adults for the workplace

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